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Congratulations to the winners of the annual Artourney Art Awards

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Alexandra Serellis - Graphic Artist May 2021 - Irezumi Dragon.png

Alexandra Serellis

Sculpture March Dojourdain.jpeg

Dominique Jourdain

Liam Roberts - Painter May 2021 -  Helio.jpg

Liam Roberts

Deep Water Bay Dieric Charles.jpeg

Dieric Charles

El Nido Photography July Kristina Makeeva.jpg

Kristina Makeeva

Year Award.jpg

Dominique Jourdain

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Many congratulations to Dominique Jourdain for winning our coveted Artourney Artist of the Year award with her impressive sculptures.

You can succeed Dominique by posting your art on Artourney through one of the categories below. Good luck!

Digital art

Fine art has reached the 21st century.

In this category artists will show you how bits and bytes turn into art and can create some of the coolest art of today.

Be sure to like your favourites and help the artists on their way to the Artourney Digital Artist of the Year Award

Graphic art



Graphic art of all varieties and flavours for your browsing pleasure and inspiration.

Of course we have a dedicated award for our graphic artists as well so click like to cast your vote!


We're sorry to bother you with this should see our server bills though.

If you love awe-inspiring photographs, we've got 'em!

Landscape, portrait, art, architecture, still's all in here!

Enjoy and cast your vote for Artourney's Photographer of the Year Award




Talented newcomers and future masters are united in this category dedicated to one of the classical forms of fine art.

For your enjoyment, inspiration, admiration and of course your vote for the Artourney's painter of the Year Award




Clay, bronze or just pure magic; these artists know their materials and will amaze you with their skill.

Here we showcase the art that's not only pleasing to the eye, but also to the touch.

Mixed media and collages included


"So, give me 1 good reason to join Artourney" 

It's absolutely free and will always be free



Post your finest work to win an international Artourney Art Award 

Showcase your art to our community of art lovers and collectors

Quarterly and yearly awards across 5 art categories and no entry fee

A chance to win representation by The Arts Gallery

Feature on our social media

Be discovered by art galleries, art curators and art consultants 


Art Gallery / Consultant

Present your gallery to the Artourney community with Limelight Gallery

Scout for new artistic talent to represent

Find art your clients will love

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Art Lover / Collector

Daily posts of new art
Cast your vote for the Artourney Art Awards
Discover up-and-coming artists to expand or start your art collection
Sign up and enter giveaways and special promotions by our partners
Read our art blog and interviews with rising start artists

Limelight Artists

Limelight Galleries

The logo of The Arts Gallery and a link to the Artourney Limelight Gallery section
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A link to Artourney's partner bookstore
Art available at The Arts Gallery

The Arts Gallery

The Arts Gallery is an online art gallery specialising in photography, digital art and graphic art. Their collection consists of a selection of very promising artists and most of the works are limited editions. Fresh and exclusive art in an eclectic collection is what marks The Arts Gallery apart. 

Visit the gallery by clicking the button and follow them on Instagram. Artourney members that follow The Arts Gallery have a change to win a discount of give-away every month.

The logo of The Arts Gallery, an online gallery for contemporary art, photography, digital art and graphic art, on

Our Partners 

Art available at The Arts Gallery


Taschen is one of the world's leading publishers of amazing books on art, photography and pop culture. Their collection will enrich your knowledge of art and boost your love for it even more!

And, they don't look bad on your coffee table either....

Click on the link and check out this mouth watering bookstore!

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