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Become an Artourney Partner

Artourney is a platform where art minded people from all over the world come together to see what's new in the art world, be inspired by fresh art and to discover artists, galleries and a variety of different brands that want bring their products to the art world.

Contrary to many other platforms that attract a random crowd of people, Artourney's members and many daily visitors are already selected out of the masses by their common love and interest for anything art related. The perfect place then for brands in and around the art world to introduce themselves and their newest products to their target audience. Here are some of the ways you can benefit as an artist, gallery of a brand. 

Artourney Partners have a prominent place on our landing page, with links referring our visitors to their websites and social media accounts.

Our partner brands will also feature on our own socials and optionally in our blog as well.

As a partners you can also choose to participate in give-aways to our audience to further promote your brand or specific products that you want to highlight. 

Every Artourney Partnership is a bespoke arrangement so contact us to discuss your wishes. 

Artourney Limelight

Artourney Limelight is a fantastic way to attract the attention of our large audience of art lovers to your work of art gallery.

A Limelight Artist or Limelight Gallery takes centre stage on our landing page where it can not be missed by visitors. 

You also enter our permanent registry of artists and galleries and get your own article, for all our visitors to read.

And of course, we'll create some real buzz around you on our social media as well!

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We also offer you the option of advertising on the Artourney platform. 


Whether it be placing an ad on our webpage, doing a sponsored campaign on our social media accounts or both.

Please contact us to discuss this opportunity to get your brand and products in front of our art minded audience.

Please get in touch with us