Sharing your art for the love of it is all good and well, but what's in it for you?

Gallery representation

Artourney has a close bond with one of our main partners: The Arts Gallery.


The Arts Gallery is an international, online art gallery that is always scouting for up-and-coming talent and seasoned professionals alike to represent and help sell their art. 

The Artourney Artist of the Year-winner is offered an opportunity to be represented by The Arts Gallery as well as several others that shine through on Artourney's pages. 

Feature on our socials

Artourney is very active on social media and of course, we're art lovers ourselves. We regularly post the finest or most interesting pieces uploaded on Artourney to our socials. 


If you get featured, your work will reach the social feeds of thousands of art hungry people, including collectors and curators. A great opportunity to be discovered or grow your own following.


Uploading your finest work for all of our band of art lovers, art collectors, gallery curators and fellow artists to see will surely magnify your name and reputation in the global art scene.


Artourney is a worldwide community that reaches thousands of art minded people through our website and our socials.

Artourney Art Awards 

Every 3 months the most liked artwork in each of the 5 categories is awarded the quarter's Artourney Award. Winning an award also enters you into the yearly competition for the Artourney Artist of the Year award in your category as well as the coveted overall award.


Winning an Artourney Award, by popular vote of our community of art lovers and connoisseurs, will greatly boost your reputation in the art world.