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The Arts Gallery


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The Arts Gallery is an online gallery that has focused mainly on photography, graphic art and digital art since it opened its web based doors quite recently, in 2020. The gallery was founded by curator Jasper van der Scheer, simply out of a love for art and also out of a passion for entrepreneurship. The name may seem rather generic, but is actually a play on words with regards to Van der Scheer's second career as a medical doctor, as doctor translates to "arts" in his native Dutch. The founder and curator has taken the liberty to exhibit some of his own work along side that of his artist line-up, but is keen to point out that he really can't be considered an artist at all, for a sheer lack of artistic talent. Whatever he may lack in artistic skill, he makes up for in talent scouting. The Arts Gallery prides itself on it's, deliberately small, line-up of talented young artists that are yet to make it to the big stages of the art world. 





Kristina Makeeva

Khaddouj Barghout

Eduardo Cano

Zhao Chen



The Netherlands

The collection consists of a wide variety of photographic art by Kristina Makeeva, Eduardo Cano and Zhao Chen, all with their own distinctive style and subject range. In addition to art photography, the collection also holds works by graphic artist Khaddouj Barghout, displaying her signature style of surreal drawings. The gallery is currently on the verge of adding a graphic artist from the United Kingdom, who will bring an entirely different flavour to the graphic art section and the gallery as a whole with his colourful, Americana inspired digital drawings. 

The Arts Gallery is focused on the exclusive side of the art market, rather than the mass production of prints, but tends to keep prices very agreeable, in an effort to offer collectors or newcomers to the art world a chance to discover it's collection of emerging artists. 
Most works are limited edition art prints and often available both in traditional Lambda-print as well as a museum grade, plexified dibond finish. 

The gallery has sought out the premier printing house in its home country of The Netherlands in order to guarantee the highest standerd of art printing to it's audience of collectors and art enthusiasts. This printing partner has decades of experience and works for organisations such as the World Press Photo, as well as the country's top photographers. 

The Arts Gallery is, like its line-up of emerging artists, on the come-up and something to watch as it will develop in the coming years. The Arts Gallery is also a partner of Artourney and will engage with the Artourney members in give-aways and special offers throughout the year. So be sure to sign up as a member of Artourney and cast your vote for the Artourney Art Awards for a chance to be the lucky one.

For artists, it's also worth mentioning that The Arts Gallery will offer gallery representation to the winner of the Artourney Artist of the Year Award and will be scouting the Artourney pages for artistic talent to join its ranks.

To explore The Arts Gallery, click here or the link above. 

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