I don't like (most) art, and that's ok

Probably not what you expect a gallery curator to say, especially on an art website, but let me explain.

Obviously, I have great interest and passion for art. After all, that is why I founded our gallery, The Arts Gallery. I enjoy many different forms of art, particularly photography, digital art and graphic art. And yet, I don't like most art. What I mean is that out of a hundred art photographs or graphic artworks, my attention will probably only be grasped by one of them. And that, even for a gallery owner, is ok.

It's ok, because art exists to move your soul, inspire your mind and raise your heartrate. And that is a very personal matter. What touches one person emotionally, may not even get a second glance from the next person. Here is where, I think, the true power of art lies. It's personal. The emotions you feel when you look at a certain piece of art are yours and yours alone. In a time where we are expected to share every detail of our day and of our lives on social media with as many people as we can reach; art is still personal.

You may well disagree with me on this, and that too is ok. In fact, that is another example of how personal and great art actually is. For me, those pieces of art I do love, are above all other emotions an inspiration to go out and make something beautiful and inspiring myself. To dream big, aim high and make something of myself each and every day.

For you, art may not be a place of inspiration but of comfort, happiness, reminiscence or just something really beautiful to hang on your wall and enjoy esthetically. Whatever art means to you; it's ok and it's all yours.

There is a piece of art out there for everyone, one that will inspire you to do great things, to keep your head up in troubled times or that may even be life changing for you. All you have to do, is find that art that moves you. And that is why I welcome the initiative of Artourney, a free platform for artists to reach a great audience and to help art lovers in their constant search for that special piece of art that is created just for them.

We too use Artourney in our search for extraordinary art. As a founding partner of Artourney, The Arts Gallery has pledged to offer the winner of the yearly Artourney Artist of the Year award representation by our gallery and from time to time, we will engage with the Artourney members through special offers. Artourney will also be a platform for us to scout the art world for new talent to add to our line-up of artists.

We are very excited about the launch of Artourney and hope you will enjoy it as much as we will.

And remember, if there's nothing that takes your fancy, it's ok. Just keep searching, it's out there.

Jasper van der Scheer is the founder of online art gallery The Arts Gallery (the-artsgallery.com), a talent poor artist, a doctor ("arts" in Dutch) and father of one.

The founder of The Arts Gallery
Jasper van der Scheer