Khaddouj Barghout

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This month's Limelight Artist will surely leave her mark on Artourney and soon the art world. Barghout's work is bold, in your face and she's not afraid to tackle taboo subjects. The influences of her background clearly shines through in her work so getting to know Khaddouj will make you understand her work better. Time for an interview then!

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2021: Women Exposed, London

2020: De Balie, Amsterdam

2020: hARTslane, London

2020: Hectobar, Rotterdam


Who is Khaddouj Barghout?

Khaddouj Barghout (1999) lives and works in Rotterdam (NL). Her main focus is currently on drawing, painting and sculpting. Whilst learning from old masters, she manages to use traditional technique’s for tantalizing contemporary art.

What is your background?
My education didn’t add much to my skills and ambitions to be honest. Having come from an oppressive and conservative family there was always a strong need for me to be able to express myself freely, and I’ve always found visual art to be a great solution for that. So besides my personal studies I studied Graphic Design and then attended an Art Academy. I quit within a year because I realised they were holding me back and I started freelancing.

What does drawing/art mean to you?
Not to bore anyone with snobby artsy talk already… but my art really is an extension of myself. It gives me the power to express myself and communicate free of censorship. That is until platforms like Instagram remove your post because of a female nipple…
What do you think art means to people in general? What is the importance of art in the world?
I think a good artwork makes you feel something whether you like it or not. It can open people’s eyes to worlds they would normally never visit because they’re too comfortable in their own.

How do you work? 
There is not much of a routine luckily because otherwise it would get pretty boring. But usually it starts with (day)dreams plus whatever I observe or experience which I use for my sketches. Often there are either lots and lots of sketches of different concepts or just 1 before I move to picking a medium and doing the work. I often go back to old sketches to see if I can combine whatever “the old me” was thinking with contemporary concepts.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Is it cocky if I say most of it comes from my fantasy ? Of course it all depends on what the universe throws at me and what kind of interactions I have and such. Misogynists for one have and still are a great inspiration though.

Which artist or artwork inspires you most? (what kind of art do you have at your own home?) 
I’m a sucker for underground comics, surrealism and lowbrow art. The art I have at home is a mix of those movements and inspire me the most. I also get inspiration from artists like Cathrin Hoffmann, Roberto Ferri and of course like almost any other female artist I admire Louise Bourgeois.

Name 3 artists you would like to be compared to
I can name three artist I can only hope to be compared to. The brilliant Christian Rex Van Minnen, Laurie Lipton and Marlene McCarty.
What do you hope to achieve in your art career?
I strive to contribute to making the art scene more inclusive. Part of that is helping to make subjects such as (Child) Sexual Abuse less taboo. In order to achieve these goals I want my work to become more influential. I recently started selling NFTs as well, I hope to explore more similar possibilities for my work in the future.

What do you like and dislike about the art world?
I regularly enjoy the absurdity of it, I think films like Velvet Buzzsaw really nail the pretentiousness in their portrayal of the art world. What I absolutely dislike is the hierarchies, discrimination and lack of inclusivity.

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