Take the Limelight

Artourney is all about the love for art and spreading that love. We set out to create a platform for artists to showcase their finest work to a global audience of art lovers, collectors and gallery owners. 

Posting your art in one of Artourney's five art categories and entering the tournament to win our prestigious awards is a fantastic way to promote your art and expand your name and reputation in the worldwide art scene. 

With Limelight, we offer you an even more surefire way to grab the attention, get art minded people over to your website and your social media and really boost your business!

Limelight is available for both artists as well as for art galleries. Here are some of the advantages that come with grabbing our spotlight:

Feature Article

You will feature in a dedicated Limelight article all about you and your work or gallery

The article will remain featured for a full month and will be promoted on our social media accounts

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Promotion on our socials

Naturally, we'll make some real noise about you as a Limelight Artist or Limelight Gallery on our social media accounts

Our following on social media is not some random group of people. It consists solely of people interested in sharing, buying, or collecting art and also gallery owners scouting for talent

Headline our website

As a Limelight Artist or Gallery you will be the first thing our visitors see

Artourney is visited by hundreds of art enthousiast every day

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Enter our registry

The limelight can be addictive, but we've got you covered

You will be permanently included in our registry of Limelight Artists or Galleries

The registry will keep your feature article available for all future Artourney visitors, thus keeping you in a bit of limelight

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Have we sparked your interest in Limelight?

That's fantastic!

Please send us a message at limelight@artourney.com and we'll fill you in on the details and terms