Terms and conditions

-- Artourney is a free to use platform for artists and galleries to present their work for free. There is no transaction, financial or otherwise, between either Artourney, it's members or visitors of the Artourney website

-- Members can be banned and have their member account deleted by the Artourney direction for violating these terms and conditions or any other kind of misbehaviour or acts harmful to Artourney or any of it's members, partners or visitors. 

-- Uploading artwork, descriptive text or a comment on Artourney that can be described as pornographic in any way or that could be described as promoting any form of hatred, violence, intimidation, racism, discrimination or mesoginy is strongly prohibited and could lead to deleting of the uploading member's account. The offending image or text will be deleted.

Uploading commercial, promotional or branded images, descriptive text or comment is also prohibited. 

If you see an image or text that violates the aforementioned conditions, please report it to violation@artourney.com.

-- By signing up as a member on Artourney, you consent to the use of your provided e-mail address for Artourney to send you e-mail regarding general news about Artourney or it's partners, promotional activities or to contact you for issues regarding your account or any uploads. If you do not want to receive anymore e-mail message from Artourney, please contact us at privacy@artourney.com.

-- Please note that the images you upload can be used by Artourney in (social) media publications and advertisements, such as on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, or on the website www.artourney.com, in order to promote Artourney or it's commercial partners, or to promote you as an artist. Submitting your name and social media account names will lead to Artourney acknowledging you as the artist. 

-- Please also read our information regarding the way we handle your personal information and our use of cookies here