Tips for uploading your art

Uploading your art to Artourney is fantastic way to showcase your best work, further boost your reputation and be discovered by art collectors, curators and art directors from around the world. And of course, you also enter the competition for the monthly and yearly Artourney Art Awards.

Here a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your art's presence here on Artourney and you increase your chance to win!

Include your Instagram in the description as well so people can follow you there

If you are represented by a gallery, include their name and website. Your curator will love you for it!

Tell our community of art lovers what your artwork is about in the description so they can better understand it

Really make some noise on your social media and make sure all your friends and followers go to Artourney to vote for your artwork!

Come back next month to upload more of your work. This way you have a new chance to win our Awards, be featured on our social media and you build up your name within the Artourney community